Things all Rottweiler owners should know from a Rottweiler training expert

Ok, folks, I have to say something in light to all of the questions I see on here.
I probably won’t make a lot of friends with this but what I’m about to say is Gospel when it comes to the care of your Rottie.

Written By : Bill Thornton


Yes, you get this cute sweet baby as a puppy STOP IT. You have to be the alpha from the very first moment. And do not tolerate any bad behavior. Period.

2nd. Chewing problems:

Welcome to the Rottie world, buy them chew toys they get bored easily, And they suffer from separation anxiety. So, leave a TV on when you have to leave them home alone.

3rd. Training:

Teach them while they are young: little. If you have to scold them, make sure you are bent down to their level, not towering over them.
I absolutely hate scolding but they can be so very hard-headed that’s just their nature. Get that in your head right off the start.
And again don’t take any bad behavior off of them. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them or you’re hurting them. You are actually hurting by them by not being firm and disciplining them.
Do not tolerate biting from a young puppy: it is a bad habit to break later on.
Here is the part a lot of you won’t like.
If he bites you or jumps on you OPEN HAND SLAP them alongside the head, Don’t hurt them. But, that slap gets their attention and fast. Once or twice is usually all it takes.
And when you do it MAKE SURE you are bent down to their level and use one word — NO–
do not use the word STOP that is for a totally different Command.
Spoil them with treats for good behavior such as a favorite meal, and get down to their level when loving on them.

4th. Understand what kind of rottweiler your dealing with.

Rotties were breed to be a working dog. ( a drover dog) later used as a cart dog. SO in layman’s terms give them something to do and lots of room to do it. They are not meant to be your lap baby couped up in a house all day. Yes, they are cuddly. So, cuddle them before bedtime or relax time.

5th. Remember you are not the owner you are the Master Alpha

That position in their life they respect you and depend on you to make the right choices and give them the right commands. With that being said — that Rottie now looks at you as you are their human. you belong to them. Period. Let that be the base of your relationship with them. Just like a pack of wolves a Rottie will always look to you as the alpha leader and will protect you / your family as their own family. No training needed there. That is their natural love for you/your family.
Remember they are a working dog. THAT IS THEIR JOB to love and PROTECT you ITS THEIR INSTINCT.

6th. If your rottweiler starts a bad thing out of the blue (no reason) guess what there is a reason!

Spend time to find the problem and fix it. That’s your job. Again, you are the alpha, the master, and the loving provider.
They are just like raising a child if you want a good dog, good results, good manners, well behaved then for Christ’s sake teach them. Just as a child learns there are consequences for their actions good behavior results in Wonderful things- BAD behavior results in firm fast hard discipline.


Rotties are considered if memory serves me somewhere like the 8th smartest dog on the planet. TREAT them accordingly TALK to them just like you talk to anyone else. Not baby talk but just like an adult. Trust me they understand you. STAY ON TOP OF THEIR HEALTH they are prone to several issues. RESEARCH their line back as far as you can find. Look for health issues that are common in that line. Make sure you have all the medical checks done and on time. Prepare yourself to treat them accordingly. Or have them treated. A WISE CHOICE IN VETS is a MAJOR decision, Just like with any professional that has a certain line they train for a VET that understands the Rottie is a MUST.
Now be the Alpha, love your baby like there is no tomorrow, and give them what they need. ROOM to exercise, play, work, with a variety of surfaces to help develop muscles, keep nails naturally trimmed, and weight problems under control.
Never stop research on the breed NEVER become a well-versed book of knowledge of the breed, their health issues and have a good understanding of their mentalities. It’s all for their benefit as well as yours.
Now take this as you will, but I have been breeding, raising, training, and loving this breed for over 30 years. And I learn something new about them every single day.

STOP asking the difference between a German or American Rottie.

The only difference is where the dog was bred and born.
However, the bloodline ALWAYS goes back to Europe. IE -Germany if you do your RESEARCH you will find that out real damn quick. And regardless of what you think there is a club if that’s what you want to call it. Its name is ADRK it’s been around for years and has changed names over the years BUT they are the leading foremost folks in the World on preserving the original bloodlines and knowledge of the breed.
Now I hope this helps you and your dog to spend a long healthy life together. And Remember if it ain’t a Rottie well then its just a dog. Lol
Best wishes and good luck with your fur baby.
They truly are your best friend.


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