The U.S. Pet Insurance Market Will Benefit from Animalia’s Pet Insurance Plans and Pricing

For 5 years, Israeli pet owners have benefited from the comprehensive health care plans offered by the digital pet insurance agency that’s currently expanding its reach.  

Routine veterinary care is costly, but emergencies quickly inflate the bill.

As a proud owner of Porta, a French bulldog, Israeli entrepreneur Yoni Kiehl is aware of unexpected pet health crises and the burdens they can cause. He was resolute to offer solutions by implementing the skills acquired in the insurance market. Yoni’s conviction was that the unpredictability of a pet’s health could be managed with pet insurance.

The vision took root in 2016 when he founded a digital pet insurance agency in Israel. Kiehls’ guiding principles were providing the educational resources for improved preventive measures and giving pet parents peace of mind in an emergency.

Within a year, Animalia Pet Insurance positioned itself as a trusted insurance provider, revolutionizing the industry with a platform that integrated the entire pet community.

The instant success in Israel attracted curiosity about the methods applied, for which Kiehl had a definitive answer: “The crucial challenge for our company was winning the trust of local veterinarians, who initially had doubts about the validity of our service.  They reasoned that the pet insurance concept is more harmful than good and will undermine the quality of health care provided to pets.  We defended our position by concluding a specific treaty, which guaranteed our methods follow the vet’s recommendations. Thus formulating the core principle that still applies to our work, a company that’s care-based and not cost-based”.

Accounting for the ever-increasing size of the U.S. pet population, penetrating the pet insurance market will not be an obstacle for an experienced company like Animalia pet insurance . There were 3.45 million insured pets in 2020, judging from data provided by the North American Pet Health Insurance Industry Association. Last year, the industry as a whole celebrated its sixth straight double-digit year of growth. And there is a lot of room for further development in an insurance sector that’s basically in its infancy.


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