Rottweiler Temperament And Personality

You might have heard a lot of bad accusations about Rottweilers. They are supposedly violent, unfriendly, and difficult. However, if you meet a good Rottie owner, you would find that they love their dogs to bits. So, why is this discrepancy? All of us may not realize the temperament of a Rottweiler yet. All dogs require training, and Rotties are similar. But, as with all dogs, you too require to know the Rottweiler temperament and personality before trying to train them.

Here is some information about the Rottweiler Temperament And Personality.

This information will help you learn more about your dog and train them in the right way:

How Well Can The Rottweiler Adapt?

  • Apartment

The size of the dog does not naturally translate to the dog being well-suited for apartments. Rather, you have to factor in a lot of other things, like whether the dog is high on energy, needs a lot of exercises, and outside activity, or is in general, playful. Rottweilers are large dogs, and they are high on energy. They need a lot of exercise, and so, they are not great dogs for apartment living.

  • New Owners

Many dogs are easy to train. They learn from their mistakes and are quick to listen to their owners and learn. However, there are many other dogs who are independent, sensitive, and think for themselves. Rottweiler temperament and personality align closely with the second kind. They are intelligent and require a lot from a parent. Hence, Rottweilers are not the best dogs for novice owners.

  • Sensitivity

Like human beings, some dogs are very sensitive while others are low at sensitivity. Dogs with low sensitivity will be calm even if you rebuke them, and would learn from their mistake. Sensitive dogs like a Rottie can take a small angry glance to heart, become more difficult, and a bit chaotic too. They need to be dealt with care.

  • Alone

Many dogs love being on their own. They would like to just be with one member, but most of the time, they would be happy to be a lone wolf. Many dogs love company too. Rotties, despite all the accusations, love company. They would love to be part of a family, and if they feel isolated or alone, they might turn to chewing stuff, barking, or making a mess.

  • Cool Weather

Generally, dogs with a lot of fur tend to be well-suited for cold weather. Their fur can insulate them better against the weather conditions. However, Rottweilers have a short coat and low fur. Hence, cold weathers are not very comfortable for Rottweilers.

  • Warm Weather

Low fur and a short coat are generally well-suited for warm weather conditions. Rotties have all these qualities, and so, they are quite adaptable to warm weather.

Rottweiler Temperament And Personality: Friendliness

  • Family

Rottweilers are not aloof. Rottweiler temperament and personality demand close bonding with the family members. So, if your Rottweiler is brought up in a family environment, then, they will end up having an amazing bond with your family.

  • Friendly with kids
Rottweiler Temperament and Personality
Rottweiler Temperament And Personality

Dogs that love to be playful and chase kids in fun are generally considered kid-friendly. Rotties, despite being large, are quite kid-friendly and love to protect your child too. Many large dogs, like the boxer, are known to be kid-friendly. Smaller dogs like Chihuahua can be snappy and not very good with kids. Sometimes, Rotties can bump with a child and injure them, but that is not their fault!

  • Friendly with other dogs

When with other dogs, there can be a competition. One dog may not like another dog and try to dominate them. Rottweilers are not very fond of other dogs. They can turn a bit aggressive. However, if they grow up with other littermates, they can turn out to be quite friendly towards them.

  • Friendly with strangers

Many dogs require extensive early socialization so that they don’t turn aggressive towards strangers. Rottweilers need this socialization. Much of the bad name of Rotties comes due to poor early socialization, which makes them violent towards strangers.

Rottweiler Temperament And Personality: Training

  • Training Ease

Rottweilers are intelligent dogs, and hence, they are fairly easy to train as well. However, you need to assert your dominance with them without being violent and be patient. If you are an experienced dog owner, training a Rottweiler will be an easy task for you.

  • Intelligence

Since Rotties came down from a line of dogs involved in herding livestock, they are quite intelligent and work their brains most of the time. Hence, they need mental stimulation and obedience training too. If they don’t get the right mental stimulation, they might turn to chewing and digging.

  • Mouthiness

Mouthy dogs are dogs who, at a tender age, tend to chew or bite on stuff like furniture. They might even nibble on human skin without puncturing it. Rottweilers are moderate on mouthiness. You need to properly train your Rottie to make them understand that chewing toys is alright, but they should not chew furniture or bite humans.

  • Prey Drive

A few dogs have been historically used for hunting purposes. For that reason, they have developed the prey drive. When they see something skit in front of them, like a squirrel, it can make their instincts work fast and give a chase. They are generally leashed and are not suited for households with smaller pets. Rottweilers are high on their prey drive, which makes them not suited for houses with guinea pigs or mice.

  • Barking

The temperament of a Rottweiler makes them quite vocal in their communication. A Rottie will bark or howl when they want to communicate something. Rottweilers also have a low growl unique to them, and they can snore while sleeping.

  • Traveling

Few dogs have wanderlust and want to explore. They can easily get out of your hands and go out to explore something if it catches their fancy. Siberian huskies have been bred to travel long distances and have wanderlust. Rottweilers are more close to their family and do not have too high a curiosity. Hence, they will keep with their family most of the time.

Rottweiler Temperament And Personality: Physical Requirements

  • Energy
Rottweiler Temperament And Personality
Rottweiler Temperament And Personality

Rottweilers are high on energy and love to play outdoors with their family. They need a lot of activity, which would expend their energy pool, and keep them active and busy. Retrieving games and training sessions are great ways to sweat them out.

  • Intense

Some dogs may not be very high on energy but can be quite full of vigor. Even if they eat, they take huge gulps, and they can be feisty enough to strain the leash. Rottweiler temperament and personality are intensity combined with high energy. This means you need to work on them a bit to make them learn good manners.

  • Exercise

Since Rotties are known for both their high energy and intensity, it naturally follows that they need a lot of exercise as well. So, ensure that your Rottie gets their proper exercise every day so that they do not end up having too much fat, which could lead to obesity. Bored Rottweilers can also end up barking a lot or chewing on furniture.

  • Playful

Rottweilers are extremely playful, and they are always yearning for a playmate. They would love to go for a game of fetch or some other kind of game. With their energy levels, they can almost play for the entire day if they have to.

So, if you look at the Rottweiler temperament and personality, you can find out that they are not really violent. They love to play and love family. They just need the right kind of training and voila – you can find a great friend in them.

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