The Rottweiler Dog Breed has a personality and temperament that is courageous and loyal.The Rottweiler is loving, friendly and Loyal Dog Breed the basic and fundamental part of the Rottweiler temperament is love.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler is considered as the cutest dog to have in your house. the muzzle, chest, cheeks, legs and eyebrows have tan marking on them and the skin colour is generally black. Any other colours indicate the dog is not of pure breed. The undercoat of this breed is waterproof. The coat generally requires minimum brushing to keep them shiny and healthy. They are considered as great watch dogs. The strength and the size of the dog are what which make them a good watchdog. Rottweilers have a powerful voice when matured. They are considered as the courageous dog. Rottweilers will do anything to protect you from any kind of danger.

The shape and size of the Rottweiler are quite different from other types of dogs. They have some cut marks in their body like muzzle, cheeks, legs and eye brows. These are some marks of these dogs which make them different from other types of dogs. The most important feature of this type dog is its head. The shape of the head is a little bit over sized. The coat or the hair of this dog is also different. Regular brushing of its hair will surely make it very shiny and gorgeous. Apart from these features, there is another feature of this dog and that is this type of dog does not bark before two to three old. This is the special feature of this dog. So if you find any dog that does not bark then make it sure that this dog is Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Temperament
Rottweiler Temperament

Only Rottweiler has this type of feature. These dogs are really very helpful to their masters. This type of dog is also very famous for their pro active nature. These dogs mainly serve the purpose of watch dogs. They are very much faithful to their masters. They are also very much attentive. The only thing which is needed is the training of these dogs. The training should be given properly. This type of dog is generally very intelligent. They are cap-able of performing various types of live stock works.

Rottweiler is very active and also at the same time very much attentive to their masters. This dog is also very popular as it is the oldest herding breed. There are many training centres where these dogs will gain proper training. The training of these dogs is the important thing. Some masters prefer to give training to their pet at home while others prefer to give training to their breed in professional centres. These dogs are used for security purposes. Their look and their activities make them different from other types of dogs.

There is one special feature of Rottweiler temperament is that they easily get socialize with children. These dogs are the most intimidating dogs. They are socializing, attentive and faithful. The main origin of these dogs is in Germany. The length of these dogs is rottweiler medium length.

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You can talk with the experts dealing with this kind of breed to know more about rottweiler temperament and rottweiler personality. Read books and magazines and know more about these breeds. Search other sources to get an idea about this breed

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