Rottweiler Puppy – How To Choose Professionally

Rottweilers are extremely intelligent, active and loyal companions. Well, if you are planning to pick up a rottweiler puppy any time sooner, you are here at the right place. Today, I am here to give you some expert tips so as to pick your rottweiler pup professionally.  

I understand how much you have been worried about; I went through the same before I purchased my Rottweiler pup almost a few years ago. This content is to guide you through, for being able to pick up your rottweiler pup professionally.  

First things first! – Choosing A Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler Puppy 
Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweilers are extremely protective and are super active too! They are very playful and thus, you need to be really keen while choosing your first rottweiler pup. Make sure that you have the right breed. Meet the parents in person and try to learn more about their personality traits. Yeah, that’s important to understand the kind of persona your dog is supposed to have! Try spending more and more time with the parent dogs, and if you have got the puppies, try to study their interaction as that would make it easy for you to choose the one that you actually like!  

Last but not the least, you should be cautious about the hygiene of the area they have been residing in! You would definitely not want your pup to fall sick the very next week you have brought it to your home, isn’t it? Hence, keep a look at the place your pup has been living all these days, and ask the breeder if they have any health trouble, temperament issue, or any other. Usually, an honest breeder will share you all the details, and there could be no one else other than him to provide you with the exact details. 

Well, in any case, if you find that the breeder is reluctant to show you the parents of your pup, I would rather recommend you not to go for it. Find yourself some other breeder in that scenario. This is because it is only after seeing the parents that you will be able to analyze the traits, size, genetic health issues and more. Also, you should always try to opt for the pup that interacts more than the others.  

Spend some quality time with the litters

Spending some quality time with the litters will help you analyze the traits they own. It is usually better to choose a pup that is caring, trust worthy, friendly and curious. You would certainly not want to go for the one that’s rather dominant or submissive. Try to study the behavior of the pups, and you will be able to do so, only when you have spent some time with them.  

Behavior matters over the looks! 

Of course, you would see whether the pup you are picking reveals all the traits of a Rottweiler breed. Try to go for the one that has all the physical traits that this breed usually tends to own. This includes the coat color, eyes, ears and the legs. In general cases, the coat color of a Rottweiler dog seems to be shiny black with rusty mahogany markings. The ears are usually triangle in shape, folded in the forward and down position, and the eyes resemble just like that of the almonds. The legs of the rottweiler pups are usually straight and masculine. The hind legs are generally longer than the fore legs. Whatsoever, that was all about their appearance. However, it is essential for you to prioritize the traits more! I, personally, have always wanted my pup to be one of the kinds who is easy to interact with my friends and family members. If behavior matters to you more than appearance, try devoting more time in trying to understand it likewise! 

Professional tips to buy your rottweiler puppy
Rottweiler Puppy

  • If you are selecting one from a bunch of litters, you should always go for the one that’s friendly and allow you to touch and hold it. Do not go for the one that is shy, nor for the one that is dominant.  
  • Ask the breeder about how many times the mother was bred. It is usually ideal to seek for a parent who has been bred up to three times. More than thrice, it might be susceptible to health complications.  
  • Check out the hind legs. Take a vet along with you if you can! This is to ensure that your dog has a lesser chance to have hip dysplasia which would be extremely painful and expensive for you to bear! 
  • Note whether your pup looks healthy and well-fed, so as to avoid any nutritional deficiency later on.  
  • Check out your pup’s teeth and gums. It should not have any dental complication. The teeth should be white and the gums should be pink in color. Also, it should own a shiny black coat.  
  • Ask for a health certificate from your breeder. This will assure you about your dog’s physical and mental health concerns. 
  • Prepare your own set of questions before you purchase a rottweiler pup. A careful breeder should always be ready to answer all your queries.  

Examine the signs of illness

Observe the puppies carefully. Some common symptoms resembling your dog’s illness include nasal, ear or eye discharge, a loose stool, and a distended abdomen among many others. If you find anything suspicious, I would better suggest you to go for some other reputable breeder.  

An important tip to note

When you interact with the litters, try to see through all the pups, and not just the one you have thought you would take home. This is because at times, even if just one puppy is ill, all the other dogs tend to have a chance of showing up with that infection. It might not be visible now, but there could be a probability.  

Now, that you have purchased a rottweiler puppy, make sure that you take good care of it! 


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