Rottweiler Information: This Formidable Dog Is Bred According To Some Strict Standards

Presenting information of the Rottweiler is akin to reading the manual of a perfect machine. The Rottweiler is the result of centuries of exacting breeding standards dating back to Roman times. They were the result of breeding between large mastiffs and drover dogs. The Romans took them over the Alps. The dogs fell into the hands of the Germans who took over from there and bred them to exacting standards. It has given us one of the most formidable breeds as much loved for its child-like qualities, as it is feared by those who cross swords with them. ADRK, the German club has exacting Rottweiler information on every aspect of this breed.

The Rottweiler has built its reputation along two lines, neither working at cross purpose. As per the Rottweiler information, they are gentle love bugs and a riot when they are with children. Rotties are extremely goofy and lovable.

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But people, on the other hand, are terrified of their fearsome reputation and it is not unjustified either. The authority on this breed is the ADRK, the German Rottweiler club. It looks after the breeding standards of the Rottweiler.

The Rottweiler is a formidable working breed. They are endowed with great strength. But they can also be a gentle playmate and a protector of the family. It is thus obvious that they are not very friendly to strangers.

The Rottweiler is generally a calm and poised dog. They are confident in their power and courageous in the face of even much larger or numerically superior adversaries when their territory is threatened.

It contrasts with the extremely playful nature bordering on the goofiness that they exhibit with a family member. Despite their extreme size, they have a habit of sitting on their owner’s lap whenever they get a chance. Such tendencies can be curbed by proper training.

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A well-trained and properly socialized Rottweiler will always be restrained and respond well to commands. The Rottweilers’ training begins from day one. They respond very well to positive reinforcement training methods. They react negatively to harsh treatments. It is a long and tedious process but one that gives great rewards as a trained Rottweiler is a great asset in the family.

Rottweiler’s information about its physical traits is extremely well defined. They are a medium-large breed. A male Rottweiler weighed generally between 99 to 130 pounds. They stand 24-27 inches in height. The female Rottweiler is generally a bit lighter and shorter.

They have a glistening, short black coat with brown markings that add to the imposing picture of strength and power. Their life expectancy is generally on the lower side of 10 to 12 years. Female Rottweilers live for a further 2 years.

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It is extremely important to take many things into consideration before bringing a Rottweiler into your house. Chief among them is the time that you a spare for your Rottweiler’s training.

The next is sufficient space for a Rottweiler to indulge themselves. If that fails, you might have a proper disaster in your hands. So if you do not want to destroy furniture in your house, exercise your Rottweiler regularly.

The ADRK has exacting Rottweiler information on the process to be followed in taking care of this formidable breed. It is thus a major reason for the popularity of this formidable breed.


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