Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your or your kids Bed

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your or your kids Bed

written by: Ruthie

As much as dogs are considered man’s best friend, one shouldn’t forget that they still are animals. Humans and animals are different and some things just don’t mix. Dogs are very faithful to their owners and caregivers and this tempts people to treat them as more, animals. 

On the other hand, there should be a limitation as to how close one lets their dogs get to their children. Kids are sensitive and more prone to diseases and accidents than adults are. Some people allow their dogs to lick their face, eat on the same plate as they do and even sleep on their beds. This habit should be highly discouraged due to some backed up facts.

1. Dogs Carry Diseases
An observation on dog habits will clearly tell just how dirty they are. For starters, dogs that sleep in kennels poop and sleep in the same place. Some even go to an extent of licking their own waste and rear end. 

On the other hand, when dogs get a hold of bones they can chew them for days, weeks and even months. These bones are prone to mold and rot yet these fur friends chew on them anyway. These facts go to show just how dirty and germ infested dogs mouths really are. When one allows their dogs to snuggle up next to their kids in bed they subject their little ones to all these germs.

2. Parasite Infested
Dogs scratch and itch all the time. There is no telling where a dog has been and this leads to their getting infested in fleas, mites, intestinal worms and parasites. No matter how clean your dog is, hanging out with an infested dog will make them carriers too. They bring these infestations home and when you allow them to snuggle with your child; these fleas jump around even to your child’s hair. The fleas jump all over the room and getting rid of them becomes a problem.

3. Prone to Accidents
It is always advisable that kids sleep in clean bedding at all times. A dog snuggling up next to your child might not be such a good idea. Dogs have accidents all the time especially untrained ones. This means that they can pee and/or poop in your child’s bed hence force them breathe in the dirty air all night long. This isn’t healthy and should be discouraged.

In the wild, dogs and their families, for instance wolves and foxes naturally operate in packs. Each pack has their own master to which the others have to obey and follow. For a dog to be faithful, it has to be put in its place at all times. Once a dog feels that it has authority over you, then they start being rogue. A dog that tends to insist on being on a high ground or next to their master, they believe that they own them. Some people may think that sleeping with their dog is a sign of affection and equality but a dog translates this differently. Dogs do not have equals; they either are the master or subject. Their sharing a bed with you outright means that they are the master. It is only a matter of time before it turns on your child.


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