How One Dog Will Change The Lives Of All Dogs In The World (Based on true story )

How One Dog Will Change The Lives Of All Dogs In The World Based on true story  In 1938 Rose, a lonely lady, felt she needed a friend so she adopted the little dog puppy Rose showered puppy with attention and care as if it was her own baby Each day their relationship became stronger and they became more connected to each other Each morning puppy would go and wake rose up to start her day But one day, rose never woke up and puppy was left alone the pain was so unbearable for puppy that he cried for so many days. Every week puppy used to go to Rose’s grave hoping that his barking would reach her one day because puppy has been through this pain he knew how much it hurts and as a result he decided to do something really big for all other dogs that suffer puppy decided to devote his mission in life to help other dogs live better lives
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