How Cryptocurrencies Are Helping Save Animals Around the World

We’ve all been witnesses of animals left on the street in the past. Whether it’s abandoned rotties or small pups left on the side of the road because someone didn’t care enough, strays are a major problem in the world right now. There have been more than a few successful campaigns to save animals from the street, but there’s still work to be done.

What if technology could help? In the past few years, many charity organizations have been focused on crypto donations to help save animals. While cryptocurrencies are still a mystery for many people, they’ve managed to enter various aspects of our lives. No matter how you feel about them, you can now pay with Bitcoin at online merchants, play in a Bitcoin casino, use your cryptos to buy pizza online, or even donate to animal rescue organizations.

While it feels like a longshot, it’s an idea that’s already being accepted. Numerous organizations are accepting crypto donations right now, which is a much-needed financial injection for the people that fight for animals around the world.

How Does it Work?

One of the many advantages of cryptocurrencies is how easy it is to use them. Sure, it might be confusing for rookies, but with crypto, you can set your wallet up in minutes and transfer cryptocurrencies between wallets effortlessly.

Fiat money donations have been regular for animal rescue organizations in the past. However, no one is truly willing to share a lot of their savings to donate to these organizations. The wealthier are getting wealthier and one reason for that is that they rarely share a lot of funds to help the world heal. Every year, more and more animals need our help, yet it’s a costly and time-consuming process that requires a lot of funding. With governments ignorant of the cries for help, animal rescue donations have turned toward crypto.

Take International Animal Rescue, for example. It has only recently set up various crypto wallets and is accepting donations for its projects as of August 2021. The organization has partnered with Exodus and accepts all the cryptos the exchange has. These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano.

So far, the organization has run a few successful crypto campaigns including rebuild the refuge (Costa Rica). It aims to help protect an entire animal sanctuary in Costa Rica which should preserve the country’s unique flora and fauna. In that way, the organization isn’t just saving animals. It’s protecting the environment as well.

Current campaigns include a crypto donation plea to help end the suffering of millions of animals around the world. With crypto donations, the organizations can save abandoned rottweilers from the streets and endangered species around the world. As donations grow, it will help cut free captive bears from Armenia and India, rescue and rehabilitate orangutans in Asia, and treat injured howler monkeys in Costa Rica.

Crypto Saves the World

In these financially unstable times around the world, crypto is the beacon of light many stick to. It has shown that it can help rebuild economies from the ground up. Cryptocurrencies are becoming a viable alternative to fiat money, no matter how hard banks fight against the change. With fiat money dwindling in value and the wealthiest trying to protect their profits, crypto donations are a great alternative.

Animals need their help, and we’re not just talking about stray dogs and cats. There are bigger problems in lush jungles around the world. Hunting for trophies has left endangered species in ruins, and all these problems require our attention. You might not think that saving a few tigers helps, but take them out of the food chain and see what happens. It can be the positive butterfly effect that could change the world.

Now more than ever, animals need our help, and the solution might lie in cryptocurrencies. It’s easy for anyone to donate to organizations that accept crypto donations. Simply send a portion of your cryptos to a specified wallet and you could be saving dogs from the street or elephants roaming the plains in Africa. You’d be making a positive change, and that’s what matters in these dark times.


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