Like most dog breeds, Rotties too hate to stay away from their hoomans. Separation anxiety is a major problem for your Rottweiler and here’s what you can do to help. In order to keep your Rottweiler’s anxiety levels down, you need to first understand the time period when the most havoc is wrecked.

The worst usually takes place in the first 40 minutes of your departure, when they are most frustrated. Hence, it is best if you leave them with their favorite toy. Some peanut butter, wet cheese, or some kibble are helpful too. Soon, they won’t notice your absence.

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Since their distress is plainly visible, don’t always put on your shoes, or take your keys and walk out of the house. Sometimes, simply put them on and sit in your room watching television. This will condition them.

Don’t make a huge deal about leaving. Your dog is already upset about your leaving. So, quietly go out for work without calling them. Else, you are in a whole world of pain.

Rottweiler’s anxiety levels down

You could also try keeping the television on in an attempt to keep your rottweiler’s anxiety levels down. All you need to portray is that you are leaving for a short while and will come back soon. If they associate your switching off of the television as a sign for you to come back after a long time, your keeping the television on is simply going to make them happy.

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And never ever hit your dog. Under no circumstances. If they are disturbed, then it is your duty to console them. If they have made a mess, clean it up. Then move on. They need your love more.

So, here are a few ways that could be utilized in keeping your Rottweiler’s anxiety levels down. Try them for yourself and drop a comment down below if they worked for you and your Rottie!