First aid for injured and sick Rottweilers

First aid for injured and sick Rottweilers

Written by : Anastasia Spevakina
Every dog owner faces injuries of his lovely pet.  Rottweilers can get minor scratches and a serious fracture, not counting other diseases, which we will talk about in this article.
The most important thing in such situations is to provide first aid correctly and in time.

Treatment of wounds depends on the type and extent of damage. The first thing to do, if your rottweiler has a wound, is to remove (cut or shave) wool around the wound. Then the wound must be washed with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. After it’s cleaned and disinfected, tie the injured area with sterile wipes.
If the wound is not longer than 2 cm and not deep, you shouldn’t sew it. Otherwise, you must bring  your rottweiler to the vet.

Sprains, strains and bruises
When dogs start to limp, it is necessary to check whether they have a dislocation, sprain or joint injury. If you have experience in the treatment of injuries, you can try to straighten the sprained joint by yourself.Otherwise, you must give your rottweiler an anesthetic and immediately bring him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

A hernia is subcutaneous protrusion of parietal peritoneum, abdominal fascia, intestines, stomach and momentum.  In such case it’s necessary to give the rottweiler a position, when hernia is at the top, and then put pressure on it. Swelling in the abdominal wall of your dog will disappear. If it doesn’t help, a rottweiler needs immediate surgery.

Diseases of the oral cavity
The most common diseases of the oral cavity for rottweilers include dental caries, pulp and retention cysts. In addition, dogs of this breed are more likely than others to have a fracture of the lower jaw.

The disease occurs mainly in older dogs. In later stages of the disease there is a strong hyperemia of gums, unpleasant smell and difficulties chewing food. To prevent the formation of plaque, you should add into the diet of rottie food, which cleans teeth – for example, cartilage bones.

Dental caries
Having caries, dogs don’t feel pain, but there is a nasty smelly breath. Carious teeth have to be sealed under local anesthesia.

Cysts occur in the oral cavity of dogs as a  result of ducts plugging. If the cyst is not removed on time, dogs  can have difficulties in chewing and swallowing.

Fracture of the lower jaw
The bone of the lower jaw may be broken, if the rottweiler falled down from great height. The jaw of the rottie often droops, salivation increases, and saliva drips from his mouth. Having such condition, rottweilers have a lot of pain and shock. In order to provide a dog first aid, give him an analgesic to relieve pain and bring to the vet. During first week after the surgery feed the rottweiler liquid food.

Neoplastic Diseases
Due to the deteriorating environmental situation in the cities, Rottweilers, as well as other breeds, started to have neoplastic diseases of different origin. They occur in the second half of dog’s life, when rottweilers are about 7 – 9  years old.
To protect your dog from cancer and other neoplastic diseases, you have to feed your rottie well, give him special vitamins and minerals and make periodical check ups in the veterinary clinic.

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