THE DOG THAT SAVED HIMSELF by calling the police


written by: Nigel647

Dogs have been known to be the most loyal pets to human beings since time immemorial. They are playful and they offer security to home owners. They even go as far as saving people’s lives by rescuing them or calling for help. The most outstanding thing, though, is when a dog saves his own life by dialing the 999 emergency services.

Well, this occurrence is not surprising for a dog that has been trained to dial certain numbers in case of an emergency. In 2006, a man named Kevin Weaver from Orlando was saved by his dog, Belle.

The dog speed dialed number 9 just as he was taught, on Kevin’s phone when he went in to a diabetic seizure and as such, he was saved. In England, 2009, a golden retriever named Bailey dialed 999 when chewing on a cordless phone. However, this other case is distinct since the dog in question had no prior training that involved calling for help in an emergency situation; in fact, the owners had always found the dog a bit sloppy.

Unfolding of events

George, the dog, knocked the house phone over to the floor and started playing with the phone’s cord. Amidst the fun he was having, he managed to get the cord over his neck and the cord was now strangling him. Even a sloppy dog knows when things are going wrong obviously due to the choking. As George struggled to free himself from the tangle, his paws miraculously managed to dial 999 on the phone. The operator that received the call could only hear heavy breathing and gasps from the caller.

He immediately assumed that the caller was sick and decided to send help to that particular house. Paul Walker, the neighbor, let the police in with his spare key. The police immediately went ahead searching the whole house for the patient, a human being to precise. Paul looked around too and was shocked to find George lying on the ground with a cord around his neck.

Paul untied the cord and freed George. He reported that he found the dog’s paw on the phone and that the miraculous dialing of the number had led to George saving his own life. An even more surprising factor is that the house phone was not the modern push-button kind, but the traditional ones with the dial ring. This makes the dog’s ability to dial even more astounding. George is a pet dog to Lydia and her father, Steve Brown. These two owners were just as surprised as everyone else to hear of the ordeal. They both claimed that George was an average dog with no special skills or abilities.

He had not been taught anything and that he always spent his time chewing socks. Cassie Murdoch of Jezebel said that they should probably let him chew on more socks after such a remarkable experience. She also advised the family to get a cordless phone to avert such accidents.

Such occurrences of dogs getting strangled by phone cords are common but they can be avoided by owners getting cordless phones. A dog saving his own life is miraculous.



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