Dog facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Dog facts That Will Blow Your Mind
written by: chengsila

The dogs mind sometimes blow facts with specialized features for scent. A hundreds dog breeds globally do mix and mutt than we can count them. Every dog has its unique characteristics and personality but all these are fascinating creatures. Some of the dog facts about include:

They are able to understand up to a minimum 250 words and gestures. This tells us that dogs can count up to five and can finally end up performing simple arithmetic work. This could be compared to a two old child in intelligence.


During hunger seasons, some breeds of dogs i.e. the stray Russian dogs can use their subway system to travel to search for food in populated areas. This has in turn reduced the essence of labor for the care taker. Dogs have a great essence of being not subjected to human behaviors i.e. to be hugged like humans and other animals. This could be termed as dominance sign.

Dogs can serve as a source security. Recently, two stray dogs have been sported in Afghanistan having saved 50 American soldiers. This is a brave act and it lead the Facebook group to raise $21,000 in order to bring the dogs back. The US soldiers had to reunite with the dogs. Dogs have a great diver stating manners of listening to music as evident to the Beatles song, A day in the Life. This song contains an extra high pitched whistle which is only audible to dogs. Paul McCartney recorded it the purpose of the enjoyment of his great Shetland sheepdog.

Dogs could be sources of amnesty. Some pups can make someone earned over a million Delta airline miles in life since they can have their own frequent flier card. Dogs can be used as forms of therapy as event in Leo which was Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs which comforted dying children. 

Most trained service dogs can know when they are on duty. They can realize the business hours in the presence of their harness are put on. Should it be put off, then all the pups would immediately become very playful and energetic in their state. The dogs’ nose is wet most of the time. This is essential for determining the direction of smell.

The theory of Hyenas being associated with dogs isn’t true. These animals are more closely related to cats in their origin. Dogs currently have spiked dog collars which have been designed for protection against throats which can result from wolf attacks. These spikes were invented originally in ancient Greece. 

Another fantastic behavior some dogs could exhibit is direction guidance. Some dogs can lead someone into the correct way by the help of the goose called buttons. The dog could hang by neck or honk to tell which way to follow.

Some bacteria like in Frito Feet phenomenon cause the dogs to smell like corn chips in their paws since these paws are in constant contact with ground. This cause the paws pick up microorganisms. Sweating in dogs could also result to the formation of this smell which occurs in the pads of the feet. 

Finally, most Dogs tend to drink water by just forming the back of their tongue being into a mini cup. These dog facts makes them more distinguishable from other primates.



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