Dangerous Things You May Be Doing to Your Rottweiler Without Knowing.

Rottweilers aren’t simply the cutest dogs on earth they are also loyal, intelligent and amazing cuddle buddies. Unfortunately when it comes to these adorable animals there is such a thing as too much love and it is therefore important to keep certain threats in mind.

Feeding human food to your rottweilers.


This is probably the most common mistake that dog owners make. Just because you enjoy a certain meal does not mean that your dog will too. Human food often has too much salt, spice, fat and most dangerous of all chemicals. Pups are especially at risk because they have very sensitive digestive systems. The safest course of action is to feed your Rottweiler recommended dog food from your local store.

Using an improper collar to your rottweilers.

When choosing a collar for your rottweiler always place safety over aesthetics. The right collar should not simply look good but also feel good for your dog. If the collar is too wide then it will slide off and if it is too tight then it could strangle it.

Leaving your Rottweiler in the car.

rottweiler in the car

If you like taking your dog with you everywhere you go from shopping to getting your nails done it sometimes requires you to leave your dog in the car. This can be problematic because if you forget to open the window then the rottweiler may lack enough air. The dog will also get lonely and be agitated due to lack of enough room for running around. Research has also shown that dogs don’t sweat like humans which leads to overheating.

Pushing too hard when dog training.


It’s always fun when we get to show off dog tricks to friends or family but teaching these tricks can be a tedious process. Because Rottweilers are known to be smart quick learners, some trainers have been known to push them too hard and fast. Shouting at or hitting a rottweiler will not make it learn new tricks any quicker.

Failing to provide enough mental and physical stimulation.


Rottweilers require daily physical exercises to keep fit. Walking, running, playing fetch and chewing are all good ways to work the body. Mental stimulation can include fun training exercises or playing games. If you fail to provide this stimulation it could lead to depression.

Failing to remove dangerous objects lying around.

Dogs have a strange habit of putting random objects in the mouth and even swallowing them. These objects can then cause blockages in the digestive system which could later require surgery. Toys, nails, socks, coins and rings all pose a risk. Of special note are batteries and medication because they often contain chemicals that could quickly prove fatal for Rottweilers.

Not paying enough attention to dental health.

A rottweiler’s teeth mean everything to it. Poor dental hygiene results in tooth decay that impairs chewing and can cause tooth aches. Just like humans need to brush teeth so do Rottweilers. Human toothpaste isn’t ideal for dog use but there are various brands available that are safe for rottweiler use. Cleaning every few days should suffice to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and clean.


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