color changes in dogs

color changes in dogs
written by: siddharthnarang

changes in color of dog can be taken positive or negative or both ways as it can be because of normal aging process or something very serious serious which is affecting dogs health.dogs color and coat can become lighter or darker.if the skin or coat color is other than white then it is said to be pigmented and if color is darker than normal color then it is known as hyper pigmented.some causes of color change in dogs1.the common form of color change in dogs is know as color dilution, it is believed to be inherited conditions. in this situation hairs around blue and fawn colored areas starts to get thin and it is common in breeds like doberman,great danes,
gray hounds,whippets.this generally occurs in the age of 8 to 10 months.this condition is not considered dangerous but it can lead to many diseases.

2.other common disease is crushing disease this can be observed if dogs hairs are falling and changing color and dog has pott belly.this situation is really dangerous as it can lead to tumor.

3.dudley nose-in this situation dog’s nose starts changing color it can be brown or light pink and in most of the cases it is between these two colors ,its itself not a disease and it is most common in poodles and dobberman.

4. Acanthosis nigricans-this is situation where color changes is genetically and its most common in dachshunds.this situation leads to darkening of color of dog and it is because of hormonal imbalance and it is known that vitamin e can reduce this problem.

5.basal cell tumors-in this situation dog grows very slowly and it can be cancerous too.and it is common in every dog in old age and it also results in sudden fading of dog’s coat.this can be cured through surgery and no other option is available in this situation.

6.cyclic alopecia -this is normal seasonal things which happens to every dog in this situation color do get change but till date we don’t have any cure to this and it is not the disease .it can be very traumatic as dog;s hair growth stops and hairs become darker for few week sand after that everything will be very normal.

7. hypothyroidism- this is relay serious situation which not only cause hair color change or hair loss,it can brittle or dry hair and in many cases it can be skin can also cause obesity and slow heart rate. the only way to get dog cured is putting them on thyroid supplements for the rest of their life the color changes then you may see can be the first signs that dog has this problem.

if dog starts color change in skin or their coat it can be of aging, something very simple or it may be very dangerous, whatever is the reaon it should not be ignored at any cost and one should get dog examined by good doctor just to be on safe side.


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