Are Rottweilers Still Used as Police Dogs?

Firstly, they started as herding dogs. Then, the breed turned into everything except wiped out when railroads began pulling mass measures of creatures from one spot to the next.  Thankfully, we love our Rotties right now, the breed didn’t become wiped out in light of the fact that they started being used as Guard Dogs and Police Dogs.  Learning this got me to wondering.

Are Rottweilers despite everything considered police dogs?

So, I discovered that Yes, Rottweilers ARE as yet utilized as Police Dogs!  But, where and how are they utilized today? Surprisingly, it wasn’t the simplest research to do. Plenty of conflicting data came up when I composed in my basic catchphrases!

I needed to burrow profound to answer the question, “Are Rottweilers Still Used as Police dogs?” My tirelessness paid off!   I’ll mention to you what I discovered…

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most generally utilized dog by Police Forces over the world is the German Shepherd Dog (GSD). But with over-reproducing and inbreeding, the GSD breed is starting to show some disintegration in quality both truly and in temperament.  A Rottweiler is a magnificent option for police work!

DID YOU KNOW? Rottweilers have a past filled with being used by the United States Military as ambassador dogs. For both World Wars, Rotties were sent from base to base to convey messages.

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What Makes Rottweilers Good Candidates for Being Police-Dogs?

Police work is the absolute hardest work out there, genuinely, intellectually, and inwardly. Both human competitors’ and dogs’ possibility for police work must have certain physical qualities, just as mental attributes, to be considered for the position.

Here are  5 characteristics that make Rottweilers an alluring breed for police work:


Rottweilers rank in the main ten breeds for dogs’ knowledge on each rundown I have found! Known for their emotional, uncommon discernment, valiance, and unfaltering dependability, it just bodes well that when appropriately prepared, they are an alluring breed for police work!


As I walk my Rottweiler, Maximus, every day, I am constantly astonished at his quality! He is formed like a little tank, strong muscle. A sound Rottie has staggering quality, and quality is basic for K-9 police work! A police dog can walk miles in a solitary day!


Some police work can have a Rottweiler “in a hurry” until an examination is finished, much the same as their human police accomplices. Quality and stamina go connected at the hip, and Rottweilers include the two attributes in wealth. Most Rottweiler proprietors can let you know (I realize I can!) that their Rottie’s stamina can frequently outlive their own.


Depending on sex and pedigree (a Rottweiler’s family history) a Rottweiler will develop to weigh between 75 pounds and an incredible 130 pounds (34-58 kilograms)! In the event that the Rottie’s proprietor has given cautious consideration to legitimate nourishment and exercise for their pet, this weight is a mass muscle, and not fat.


Another thing any Rottweiler proprietor can let you know is that their Rottie is 100% faithful to their people and what they see as their domain. A’s Rottweiler will likely satisfy their people. At the point when a Rottie wears a K-9 identification, his accomplice in the police power is his human, and that steadfastness is fundamental in assisting with guarding his official. Without hesitating and compliance are two character features that make an official hang out in his unit, be he human or dog.

DID YOU KNOW? A Rottweiler isn’t considered “full-grown” until between his second and third long stretches of life.

Who Uses Rottweilers on Their Police Force?

The historical backdrop of dogs in the military and in law authorization goes back to the medieval period! The very first Official K-9 Unit was authorized in London, England in 1889. Rotties have police work in their history as far back as the mid-nineteenth century. Rottweilers are benevolent toward those they know, and wary and alert around outsiders, making them superb at policing! They are utilized in France, Germany Belgium, and Australia, just as in the United States and around the world.

DID YOU KNOW? The first type of dog utilized for the “official” police business was the Bloodhound. There were two of them working the “Jack the Ripper” case in 1888!

For what reason are Some Opposed to Rottweilers Being Police Dogs?

Numerous Rottweiler proprietors, mentors, and handlers are against Rottweilers being utilized by the police power.

Others restrict Rottweilers in police work since they can possibly assault a criminal with savage power. These opposers accept a Rottie assault can be “overkill” in a “take-down” of a suspect.

DID YOU KNOW? A Rottweiler has a nibble power of more than 300 pounds (136 kilograms) per square inch! You can get familiar with a Rottweiler’s chomp force HERE.

What are the Duties of a Rottweiler Police Dog?

Like their human accomplices in police work, An official who strolls a beat most likely has an all the more overwhelming nearness in the road with a 100+ pound Rottie walking around his side!

In light of their prevalent knowledge, Rottweilers are the magnificent possibilities for medicating identification, bomb location and search and salvage missions.

DID YOU KNOW? There are really competitions for dogs for “tracking”.  Because a Rottweiler can follow a human aroma for miles, they get along admirably at these rivalries.

Would you be able to Train Your  Rottweiler to do Police Work?

Police Dogs require particular and expert preparation, either from inside the Police Department or from an outside office. In any case, you can do your part in preparing a little guy who is bound to go on to that expert preparation.

Your part includes guaranteeing your Rottie has legitimate nourishment and hydration from his weaning. Furthermore, it is your part to ensure your Rottie gets sufficient therapeutic and medicinal services. Besides, you should mingle your Rottie from the most youthful age conceivable.

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People take in a Rottweiler Puppy bound for police work and provide foster care until the Rottie is mature enough to go to a Canine Police Academy. Right now basic to the future triumphs of the dog. It very well may be hard however, to cherish a Rottie and afterward need to bid farewell!

So, I wonder if there’s ANYTHING this astonishing dog breed CAN’T do! I think I’ll keep my Max directly here at home with me as opposed to rounding out requests for employment for him, LOL!

However, the Rottweiler breed has a rich history! Romans carried Rottweilers with them when they came to settle in Rottweil, Germany. However, It was there that Rotties got their “official” name and were first enrolled as a breed.

Rottweilers have held these jobs:

  • Herder
  • Money Movers
  • Guard Dog
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Hunter

Perhaps the most important job Rottweilers have held throughout history. Though, is being a loyal and loving companion to the humans that love them. You can learn more about the jobs Rotties do right here at Rottie Resource!

Simply, utilize our convenient search bar and type in the job Rotties can do that interest you.  The only thing you will not find information about is dogfighting. I don’t condone it, and I support every effort to see it banned with harsher punishments for the humans behind it!

Top Ten Dog Breeds Used for Police Work

  • German Short- Haired Pointer
  • Bloodhound
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Boxer
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepherd


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