Anger and Aggression In Rottweiler We’re Telling All

The domestication of Rottweilers began thousands and thousands of years ago. It is clear that Rottweilers and humans are meant to be together, and everyone is happy with that arrangement. However, Rottweiler ownership comes with a great responsibility to make sure your pet is happy, healthy and well-cared for. Below is the information you need to make that happen.

Spay or neuter your Rottweiler. Studies have shown that this leads to the pet living a longer and much healthier life. Besides, a neutered Rottweiler will be less likely to run away or to get in fights with other animals.

Don’t give in to the urge to feed your Rottweiler food meant for humans. Doing so teaches it to beg and ruins its appetite for its regular food. Table scraps can be bad for his health as well, leading to obesity and digestive disorders. Make your Rottweiler stay out of the room when the family is eating.

Sleeping Rottweilers may be woken by a toddler and react negatively or some other offense is committed against the animal that sets him off.

Know the basics of pet first-aid if you have a Rottweiler in your family. Being able to react quickly in an emergency, such as your pooch being bitten by a snake, can mean the difference between life and death. Read a good book on the subject or ask your vet to brief you on the basics.

Be careful around Christmas time with a Rottweiler in your home; it’s the busiest time of year at 24/7 animal clinics! Things like hanging and tree lights pose a danger to your Rottweiler, as they could become tangled or gnaw their way down to raw wires. The loveliest of Christmas plants are also hazardous to a Rottweiler’s health, so take extra care during holidays.

Keep the fur around your pup’s paws trimmed so that it does not get matted. Prior to trimming it, straighten the fur using a comb. If this process is something with which you are uncomfortable, have a professional groomer do the job.

Do not make training your Rottweiler seem like a chore. Rottweilers pick up on this negative energy and will have a difficult time learning if you are not in the right mind frame. Make it fun and try to look at it as a bonding experience with your pet. When your Rottweiler is having fun, they will learn their training quicker.

Keep in mind that more is not always better when it comes to the number of folks training a Rottweiler. Everyone does things differently, and too many commanders may confuse your Rottweiler. One person should be the master while the others reinforce what the Rottweiler is learning.

Shop carefully for a Rottweiler before you get a new one. Make sure that you have taken the time to research the breed and know how much exercise and grooming a new Rottweiler will need. If you take the time to choose carefully, you’ll find that you are naturally a better match to the Rottweiler and both of you are happier.

You should not just use your Rottweiler’s cold, wet nose as a barometer of its health. A cold and wet nose may be a healthy one. Instead, pay attention to how well he is eating and whether or not he seems energetic. These are great indicators of how your pooch is really doing. A Rottweiler’s temperature can be taken rectally if need be.


Not every Rottweiler is capable of going to the Rottweiler park. Some Rottweilers will not do well around other Rottweilers that they do not know. Get to know how your Rottweiler does around friends’ or neighbors’ Rottweilers before you attempt to take him to the park. This way, you will know if he will be aggressive towards other Rottweilers.

Outdoor Rottweilers need the same amount of attention as indoor Rottweilers. If he is left alone too much, you may see bad habits start to develop. This may also make the Rottweiler more aggressive. Lavish attention and love on him.

Keep in mind that some behavioral problems in your Rottweiler could be connected to health issues, especially if your Rottweiler is displaying a new behavior. Your Rottweiler might become aggressive when you touch it because of a pain and it might have a hard time with house-training because of an infection.

You should have your Rottweilers spayed or neutered before they reach the age of six months. Spaying before your Rottweiler is mature can cut their risk of developing breast cancer. Neutering prevents males Rottweilers from developing issues that may affect the testes and prostate. The neutering process also stops several breeds of Rottweilers from being aggressive.

If your Rottweiler is normally relaxed and calm, but has become aggressive recently, it may be a sign of an underlying mental or medical issue. Make an appointment for your Rottweiler to be seen by a professional. Make sure you follow all of the instructions that are given to you.

If you are concerned about your Rottweiler’s behavior and want to make sure your Rottweiler knows you are the boss, try pinning him down on his back. This is important to let the Rottweiler know that you are in charge. You should not release your Rottweiler until it’s relaxed and has gave up. Be sure that you are firm enough to hold it in place, but take great caution in making sure that you are hurting the Rottweiler.


Be prepared to have a lot of patience with your Rottweiler during potty-training. Much like children, Rottweilers learn at different speeds and ages and your canine may be slow or stubborn. Have good resources at your fingertips to assist your efforts and remember not to get angry when your Rottweiler has “accidents” as that will only impede his progress.

You need to meet all of your Rottweiler’s requirements. This process isn’t too difficult if you’re aware of what goes into it, so use what you have read here to help. Just put the tips to work in your life, and you’ll see that your Rottweiler is even happier.


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