A Quick Guide For Rottweiler Breeders

Rottweilers have gained a lot of popularity among Americans in the past few decades. This has naturally resulted in more people wanting to become Rottweiler breeders. But beginning to work with any breed of dog, one needs to have a sound knowledge of the breed.

You might have heard of two types of Rottweilers- American and German. Though coming from the common Rottweiler breed, both have certain noticeable differences. The American type is more robust and heavy-built while the German type is comparatively slender. Also, the American Rottie is taller than the German type. Generally speaking, German Rottweilers are considered the standard type. That being said, both are equally amazing dogs. The coat color of both types is typically black with tan-colored markings above eyes, on cheeks, chest, and the muzzle.

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Nutrition Standards Rottweiler Breeders Should Keep In Mind

Due to their rather strong build, this breed needs high-quality food. Take care to talk to a vet about their relative height, weight, and age before deciding the diet. Also, get to know which human food is safe for Rottweilers. They are prone to obesity so don’t over-feed them. Drinking water should be clean to ensure the good health of your dog. For puppies, the best way of feeding is frequent small meals. Preferably, the diet should be grain-free and include muscle meat. A good Rottweiler breeder should ensure the right amount of protein, carbs, fat, and micro-nutrients are present in the dogs’ diet.

Rottweiler breeders socialize

Rottweiler Breeders’ Guide To Socializing and Training

Like all other dog breeds, Rotties also need to be socialized properly. Try to socialize and train them from a young age. They are a large breed and are very powerful. So not getting them comfortable around people will be a mistake. Familiarize them with children and adults and other pets so that they don’t become threatening to them.

Health Care Tips

Rottweilers are not extremely vulnerable to diseases. Check for certain common tests for parts like hip, elbow, bones and go for a cardiac exam. Hip dysplasia is common in this breed and so are eye and heart diseases. Also, get them vaccinated on time.

How To Groom Rottweilers

They have a straight, medium-length outer coat which lies flat. Shedding is not a huge issue with Rottweilers but two times in a year they will shed heavily. Regular brushing is recommended. Their teeth should be brushed once a week and nails have to be trimmed too.

Rottie exercise

Exercise Requirements Of Rottweilers

They are a fairly energetic breed and need to be exercised every day. Swimming, walking, and trotting are excellent for them, especially if you join them.

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Future Prospects For Rottweiler Breeders

There is a high demand for Rottweiler puppies but remember, there is no lack of low-quality puppies in the market. So if you want your kennel to stand out then you have to pay attention to the quality of puppies you are raising. Focus on how to bring fewer puppies up with good standards rather than focusing on the number of puppies. You should also know that it will require patience and effort on your part to be established as a good breeder.

Rottweiler breeders are not there only to multiply the dogs. They have the responsibility to provide people with healthy and good Rottweiler puppies. If you are breeding American Rotties, you can always check the AKC standards.


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