1. You constantly share Rottweiler videos on Facebook.

In fact, you share so many Rottweiler videos that people have probably un-friended you for flooding their news feeds. If a Rottweiler appears in the video, there’s a 99% chance you’re going to share it.

2-You can safely assume that anytime someone tags you in social media, it’s referring to something that has to do with Rottweilers.

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; your friends and family tag you in a Rottweiler post whenever they see one.

3-You greet the Rottweiler before anyone else.

Just stepped foot in your house? Time to say hi to the dog! Besides home cooked meals, your dog is the best part about coming home.

4-You’ve actually matched your outfit…with your Rottweiler

5-You have a collection of doggy related cards.

6-You like Rottweilers more than you like most people.

7-You “accidentally” drop food.