7 Reminders for Rottweiler Owners When Bringing Their Fur Babies on Road Trips

Rottweilers are great pets to have. These medium- to large-sized canines are known to be quite affectionate and loyal. They’re also very social and good with children, which makes them excellent family dogs. Since many Rottweiler owners treat their fur babies as beloved members of their family, they want to share every experience with their pets, including going on road trips.

If you’re such an individual, the idea of taking your four-legged pal on a trip sounds exciting. Unless your Rottie is a frequent traveler, though, being inside a moving car can be stressful for them. They may not be familiar with the interior of the vehicle or may become anxious because of the constant motion. Conversely, they may also feel so overjoyed about going on a car ride that they end up jumping around inside of the vehicle, which can be very dangerous for everyone.

To keep your pet safe, calm, and comfortable throughout the journey, here are a few reminders when bringing your Rottie on road trips:

Prepare Your Rottie’s ID Tag

Since most states require pets to have proper identification when they’re in public places, make sure your dog always wears their collar and identification tag. This way, you and your four-legged friend are always in compliance with local laws. Your name and contact information must be legibly printed on the tag, too. With this item on your pup’s collar, good Samaritans can reach out to you in case you get separated from your Rottweiler.

Pack a Few Sturdy Dog Collars and Leashes

After you’ve prepared your dog’s ID tag, you’ll need to attach it to your Rottie’s collar so that it’s visible at all times. You’ll also want to bring a leash to restrain your dog when they need to take a potty or stretch break. It’s a good idea to pack extra custom leashes, too. That way, you have some backups in case the one your pup is using breaks for whatever reason.

Prepare Enough Food and Water for Your Rottie

Even if you’re not traveling far or for a long period, pack an ample supply of water and your pet’s preferred brand of dog food. You’ll also want to bring along some portable travel bowls for your Rottie to eat and drink from.

Bringing your own bottled water gives you the peace of mind that your dog will only be drinking clean water during your trip. Meanwhile, bringing along some dog food allows you to maintain a regular feeding schedule while on the road. It also saves you from having to look for food your pet is accustomed to once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Bring Your Rottie’s Veterinary Records

Whether you’re planning a quick or a cross-country road trip, make sure to bring your Rottweiler’s updated list of vaccines as well as information about their health. These will prove helpful if you need to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian at your destination. If you’re crossing state borders, you’ll be required to show your pet’s most recent health certificate. So, make sure to visit your veterinarian to obtain proof that your Rottie is in the best of health.

Plan Rest Stops Along the Way

Do you get uncomfortable and bored whenever you have to sit for long hours in your car? Your pet will likely feel the same way during a road trip. If you’ll be driving a long distance, schedule frequent rest stops so you and your fur baby can get some fresh air every once in a while, preferably every two hours. You can also take advantage of the rest stops to give your Rottie something to drink or eat as well as to let them relieve themselves.

Let Your Rottie Stretch Their Legs Now and Then

As playful dogs, Rottweilers enjoy staying physically active. Letting them run and jump around is also a great way to release any pent-up energy they may have after sitting in the car for so long. Once they’ve expended all their energy, they’ll feel much calmer once they’re back inside the car. Try researching if there are any rest stops along your planned route that have pet-friendly areas like enclosed spaces where your pet can exercise in.

Remember to Secure Your Rottie While They’re in the Car

In some areas, it’s illegal to let your dog roam freely in your vehicle while you’re driving. Generally speaking, though, it’s considered unsafe to let your pet loose inside the car. They can get excited and jump on you, which could distract you from driving and lead to vehicular accidents. Here are two suggestions for securing your Rottie in the car:

A Pet Crate

If you go for a pet crate, make sure to get one that’s large enough for your dog to stand up and lay down in. To keep them feeling relaxed inside the crate, line the floor of it with a comfy blanket that reminds them of home.

A Car Barrier

This is an enclosure you can set up at the back of your car to prevent your dog from jumping over the seats. Car barriers are also best for medium to large dog breeds like Rottweilers. This is because Rotties will have more space to move around in the back of your car without the risk of them jumping onto your lap.

Having a Rottweiler as a pet means having a sweet canine companion. For some people, it also means having another loving member in their family. If you’re a Rottie parent, taking your pup on road trips is a fantastic way to bond and share new experiences. When you do bring them along, make sure you prioritize their safety and comfort so you can all have a pleasurable trip.


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