6 signs your Rottweiler is jealous of your phone

Rottweilers by their nature require a lot of attention. You might have noticed your Rottie barks constantly every time you get a phone call. This is because they are trying to get your attention. Because pets are unable to convey their emotions and moods in language, they occasionally show their moods by behaviors. It is no exception that Rottweilers get jealous of your phone.
When you spend a lot of time remaining glued to social media, your pooch will try to knock out your phone from your hand. It is a sign that your Rottie is jealous of your phone. She will show jealousy aggression coupled with pushy behavior and tricks to get the expected attention.

6 signs Rottweiler is jealous of your phone

Rottweilers require special interaction, lots of caressing, and games to remain active and entertained as they belong to a working group. They are included in the top 10 most jealous dog breeds. This makes sense. They often need us and don’t wish to share us with another pet or human or a device like a phone or a laptop.

If another pet or even family member such as a new baby gets too close to you, Rottweiler will try to push that pet away from you in order to obtain your attention.

Rotties are included among the most possessive dog breeds who become dependent on the love of their owner. They will definitely don’t share their owners’ love and time with any other person or thing even if it is just a phone.

When a dog exhibits jealous behavior, such as growling, snapping, whining, or attacking another creature or person, she is expressing her insecurity, confusion, and in fact jealousy.

Here are six signs your Rottweilers get jealous of your clinging to phone screens.

1- Making noise and barking

signs your Rottweiler is jealous
signs your Rottweiler is jealous

If you ever receive a phone call and your Rottie fellow starts barking or if you are sitting somewhere and your Rottie jumps on you trying to knock out the phone from your hand, it is a sure sign that your Rottie wants your attention and is jealous of your phone speaker hearing the voice of another person talking with you.

Even if you put handsfree and try to act like you are self-talking, your intelligent Rottie will know the reason and she will continue to bark until you give her attention.

If you don’t pay attention to your Rottie and continue doing your work even after a lot of barking, she will become aggressive and start to knock out the objects and make noise.

She may also choose to bark even louder sometimes!

This is because Rotties are supposed to be addressed by you but you tend to ignore her. They don’t know to whom you are talking when you are on a phone call so they start barking and run towards you to get a pat. But if you continue to ignore your furry buddy and she further gets to hear another person’s voice on phone speaker, she will get super jealous and bark even louder.

To stop your Rottie from being jealous of your phone calls, you can use a lot of training techniques!

For instance, by using mock calls and ringtones, pick up the phone at the first ring and keep talking to yourself, while at the same time, let your Rottweiler sit down and wait. This is referred to as a “conditioned response”. It is a mechanism that can develop desirable behavior for phone jealousy in your Rottweiler.

Pro Tip:

If your Rottie is afraid of phone ringing, let her listen to that sound more often and she will soon become used to it.

2- Scratching phone screen

Dogs often scratch their paws on your phone screen to keep you away from using your phone. The same is the case with Rottweilers. Our Rottweilers are aware that it’s something going on on our screens, but they don’t fully comprehend what is happening.

The content on a little screen is too tiny for dogs’ eyes to interpret. So, while our Rottweilers are incapable of comprehending why we’re gazing at our screens, they are sure to know how much we are eager to pay attention to our smartphones, and this is what they hate the most!

This actually seems so hurting, especially, when you decide to take your Rottie out to the park to play games. However, after a while, you find nothing to do and end up scrolling your phone sitting in a corner. At that time, your dear Rottie will start scratching his paw on your phone screen showing that she is getting jealous and needs your attention. She can even attempt to bite your phone.

If you are at home and scratching behavior doesn’t work on you, your Rottie might take your phone into his mouth and throw it away.

Well, it is not a good idea to remain glued to your phone while having a Rottie by your side as her scratches on your screen can make your phone useless. Beware of these little rascals!

3- Bad Chewing Habits and pushy behavior

If you continuously ignore your Rottie while on the phone, she’ll find one of his toys and go to town on it, chewing on it nonstop. You might even need to remove or throw away your furry buddy’s toys since she can also rip them open and eat portions of them. It is a strong sign that your Rottweiler is jealous of your phone.

Even if you take your Rottie’s toy over and put it somewhere else, she will jump to that place too to get her chewing business back.

The most insane sign of Rottweilers’ aggression is their strange staring. You may have noticed your Rottweiler stands still staring at you with his tail raised to full height if you continuously choose to ignore her excessive barking.

This can actually scare you if you are engrossed in your phone and suddenly look up to have a quick glance at your Rottie. This is a horrible sign of Rottweiler’s jealousy from your phone.

Moreover, your Rottie might act like a pushy dog. Rottweilers understand that if they strive hard enough, they will typically get what they want. Hence, a fetch-driven Rottie may repeatedly drop her stinky ball in your lap until you finally give in and toss it for her.

4- Irritating behavior

According to psychology, Rottweilers manifest irritating behavior by distracting you from your focus of attention by making scenarios that seek your interest like playing tricks and bothering other pets in the home. In other words, they are really clever!

Your Rottie will start crowding your space where you are using your phone. She will lay in front of you and start making sad faces and cocking his head sideways. This continues for some time but after she is being ignored for more than an hour, she will shift her irritating behavior to aggressives.

When Rottie becomes unable to unglue you from your phone, she finds another way of showing jealousy. It is a muzzle punch. She can punch you with her nose showing a warning sign for you to leave that screen.

She will start doing the things she was forbidden to do like jumping on couches and furniture and running around the house like a maniac because she will consider it simply a tactic to get your attention.

If you still remain clung to your phone screen, your Rottie may experience anxiety issues.

According to American Kennel Club, leaving your pooch alone in a way that they feel stressed can actually cause them suffer from separation anxiety.


Not just that, your Rottie will get mad by barking excessively and possibly can participate in irritating and unpleasant activities. They may stalk the home, destroy objects, or even have “accidents” inside.

5- Aggression and breaking things

Rottweilers that do not succeed in getting your attention when you are on your phone, usually end up breaking furniture and other stuff in your house. It is the major sign that your Rottie is jealous of your smartphone and wants you to put down your phone and give her some attention. Your Rottie will start misbehaving and doing anything around the house to get your attention.

Similarly, when you get a new puppy into your home, the atmosphere changes. Since puppies are charming and sensitive creatures who require love and time, all family members will naturally devote their entire attention to that new dog. As a result, your old Rottweiler in the house will be distressed and shift herself to aggressive and jealous behavior.

Although Rottweilers are included in the average category of aggression, they can get even crazier in aggression if triggered by harsh circumstances. According to a Research paper published on most aggressive dog breeds, 4.6% of 223 aggressive dogs belonged to the Rottweiler breed.

Your Rottie is accustomed to being by your side and your friend, but if other dogs take you away, your furry friend will become agitated, envious, and even violent.

Since that new puppies seem to be at risk, pet parents may fear for their lives. However, this is absolutely normal behavior. When jealousy emerges, it is critical to correctly deal with your Rottweiler’s feelings.

Well, in such situations, try to keep things normal and introduce the new addition to your family to your Rottweiler in a friendly manner!

6- Leaving the place and doing tricks

It is found by a survey that 36% of the pets including Rottweilers, tend to leave the place when their owners remain clung to their phones.

At first, your Rottie will try to get your attention by doing different tricks like lying down on your feet and jumping on you. If Rottie finds herself ignored, she will get sad and finally leave the room and hide somewhere.

Your jealous Rottweiler is also likely to have some insecurity as she might think of being replaced by a stupid phone screen.

According to the psychology of Rottweilers, their memory is really good and they do remember the techniques you applied while training them where they got rewarded multiple times. Your Rottie can repeat some of those tricks to get your attention this time.

If Rottie just disappears and you end up finding her around the house, it is a strong sign that she is harshly jealous of your phone and wants you to find her.

Try calling your Rottie canine and check to see whether she responds to your command. If she does and starts doing something else, it is not a big matter to get worried about. However, if your Rottie buddy ignores your command and lays there emotionless, it is passive disobedience which is a sure sign of jealousy. In such a situation, you need to cherish your Rottie before she steps into depression.

How would you prevent your Rottie from being jealous?

To prevent your Rottie from being jealous, you can train her some commands like stop, wait, or hang on.

If your Rottie genuinely becomes aggressive about you spending too much time on the phone watching videos or scrolling social accounts, the simplest way is to reduce your time and take out more time to cherish your Rottie canine.

Also, if your furry buddy is showing serious stress signs, you probably need to consult your vet at once.

Final Thoughts

Remaining glued to your phone is the thing that can cause many jealousy problems and aggressive behavior in your Rottweiler. Our poochy Rotties can’t talk but they do show emotions by their behavior. They try to let us know that they are jealous of our phones and don’t like us to be very social through a large number of mysterious signs, and as a pet parent, one should never ignore those cute jealousy signals!


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