12 Most Effective Ways to Calm Your Siberian Husky

12 Most Effective Ways to Calm Your Siberian Husky
written by: bhanuseth

Siberian Husky is a great pet to have, their size vary from medium to large, and they have a very joyful nature. This breed originated in north east Siberia and therefore is a working dog breed characterised by lots of energy and a dominant personality. Husky’s tend to be very active and therefore need constant stimulation to spend their energy. If not taken care properly, Husky’s tend to become very wild and crazy and may get into trouble, therefore it must be made sure that they remain active as much as possible to keep them calm.

Here is a list of 12 most effective ways that will help you calm your Siberian husky and help it relax:

# 12 Rub its chest:
When your husky starts getting restless, make him sit down and start rubbing its chest, specially the are between his neck and legs, this is the soothing spot which will help your dog to relax and stay calm.

# 11 Hold him close to you.
Holding your dog close to your body while slowly caressing his body is another way to calm you dog. The warmth of your body, the constant heartbeat and the relaxing motion of your hand work together to provide a soothing effect for the dog. It is a effective way and helps dogs to relax easily.

# 10 Let him play with Balls.
Dogs love playing with balls, so it is a good idea to have a collection of balls of various sizes in your back yard. Go and purchase different balls like soccer ball, tennis ball etc. and put them around in your home. The dog will spend most of his energy playing with them, running around them etc., and hence will stay calm and composed.

# 9 Running
If you are an active runner, a Siberian husky can be a great partner for your morning runs. They have got great stamina and will run along you as long as you keep going. Dogs love running, it keeps their body active as well as it improves their behaviour. So running can be beneficial for both of you.

# 8 Be confident and act smart.
Siberian husky are very smart dogs, they can sense the behaviour of their trainer very easily, if you are not authoritative enough, they will take advantage of it. So having strong confidence and temperament will surely help you calm your dog and have a firm control over him.

# 7 Consistent training.
You need to give him a consistent training from the start, and it should be done regularly without being irresponsible. The dog needs to know that the control lies in the hands of the trainer, otherwise, when you will try to calm him down, he won’t listen and do whatever he likes.

# 6 Visiting Dog Park.
If possible, take him to a dog park for at least one hour daily. It is a great way to spend their energy and to meet other dogs. Interacting with other dogs improves their behaviour and helps them stay calm.

#5 Doggy Day care facility.
If your busy schedule does not allow you to devote so much time with your dog and take him out on several occasions, a Dog day care centre is a great way to keep your dog active. There he can physically and mentally active under proper supervision while you take care of your professional life.


# 4 Reward him for good behaviour.
Whenever your god does a good job and obeys your order like fetching something or even calming down when you ask him to do, you should reward him with a nice treat as a gesture of affection and praise, it will keep the dog happy and in control all the times.

# 3 Indoor playing toys.
It is not possible to always take your husky out for playing in the backyard or the park, so having a good set of toys for your dog helps him focus and stay busy with them. Playing with them, he will spend his energy and will feel relaxed.

# 2 Create Space for him.
Getting separated from your family is not a happy experience, and this anxiety can make your husky restless sometimes. Making them comfortable in your home helps them control this anxiety. Make a space in your house, a corner dedicated only for him, surround that place with toys and blankets to make it comfortable for him. Never use that space as a punishment ground for him, and he will have a safe place of his own in your house. This will greatly affect his behaviour and keep him calm.

# 1 Persistent training.
Commanding your dog and getting the desired outcome can be difficult task, and most of the times your husky might not even obey them, but letting it go is a mistake that most of the dog owners do, it makes the dog feel that he can get away without doing what is instructed to him. So while training your dog, you should be persistent, despite how many times you have to repeat yourself, always complete the task and then only stop the training.

Siberian Husky are very loyal pets, and with proper training they can be great companion too. Love and affection are most important while training your dog, and these tips will help you control your dog even better.


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