Dogs are the most commonly adopted animals as pets. However, the preferences may differ from person to person, as some people love taming smaller teacup-sized dogs and some love giant dog breeds. Owning a dog involves a lot of crucial things to do and one among these is selecting the right bed size for your dog. For example, large dog breeds like English Mastiff will require big dog beds to rest comfortably. 

More Relevant Facts 

While we adopt a dog, they aren’t fully grown up. They are puppies, and puppies don’t take much space. But, if you have adopted a large dog breed, your little friend will soon grow up as a giant-sized dog.  So, more extensive dog beds become essential as big dogs don’t like to adjust in smaller beds and compromise their comfort ability. But, finding extra large dog beds is quite a tedious task to do as they are not available so easily when compared to the smaller ones.   

Features of a Large Sized Dog Bed 

Do large dog breeds require better features in their beds? Yes, they do need beds with better comfort to ensure they can lie down and relax in a big space. If they find their bed is too small, there is a high chance they will end up occupying a bigger space in your home that makes them feel comfortable, like the sofa, your master bed, etc. So, look for the below features while purchasing a bed for your large dog breed to ensure it fits your pet’s size perfectly:  


If we are given a bed that barely adjusts our body, can we sleep with no other possibilities to tilt left or right? No, right? Similarly, if a dog’s bed can only fit the body size with no extra room for the body to move, it will be suffocating for your pet. Moreover, dogs have a habit of stretching, so in that case, a small-sized bed will make them highly uncomfortable. This is the reason why it’s ideal for picking extra large dog beds for giant dogs.  

To choose the right bed for a big dog, you should go for a bed that is bigger by 1/4th of its body size.   It will ensure that your pet will be able to stretch, relax, and sleep freely in its bed.  


For smaller dog breeds, elevation doesn’t have much to do while picking a bed. But, bigger dogs require an elevated bed of one or two feet above the ground. The reason for this is straightforward as a higher bed will be more accessible for them to go in and out of it.  A smaller bed can be uncomfortable and can lead to different health problems in big dogs as well. In search of an elevated bed, don’t pick an excessively high bed as it can increase the risk of your dog falling from a height getting injured.  

Better Support 

Giant dog breeds are found to be more prone to arthritis, and hence, they require a place that can let them sleep comfortably. Getting the right bed with good and soft support for your large pet will help them get a better sleep which will keep pain in their limbs at bay.  Moreover, it will also help protect your large breed’s skin and prevent any injuries that it might otherwise get due to sleeping on a hard surfaced bed.  So, to give  the best relief to large dog breeds,   premium quality big dog beds now come with 4-7 inches of memory foam,= which is highly relaxing and comforting to sleep. So, make sure you are choosing one such for your special big friend.   

Cooling Bed for Warm Season 

Dogs barely love to stay in a warmer place. They look for shady and cool areas to spend most of their time. You might have seen dogs digging holes in the sand to sleep.  They also have the habit of sleeping directly on the concrete floor to take up the coolness, but sleeping on the floor or sand can affect their skin and bones, especially the bigger breeds. So, opting for a bed that comes with an in-build cooling property is the smart idea to encourage your pet to sleep more often in its bed.  To achieve natural coolness, pick a mesh-style large dog bed. This allows the proper movement of air or uses extra cooling pads to keep the mattress cool.  


Dog beds are made with various materials, and the most common ones are velvet, canvas, denim, etc. The material of the bed plays a significant role in achieving the right comfort level when it comes to purchasing one for a large breed. This feature mostly depends on what your dog prefers. The bigger breeds often prefer a cushiony and soft texture. Well, no one can know you’re pet more than you. As the dog is living with you for a long time, you must be aware of its preferences. So, choose the suitable material for your dog that it loves; just ensure the material is easily washable as dogs make their beds dirty more often and it becomes crucial to wash and clean them.  


It isn’t that difficult to get the right bed for our giant buddy. Isn’t it? If we are aware of the right features and necessities, we can choose a perfect bed easily. Hope this article has helped you with the right information to buy extra large dog beds.      


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