The World’s 10 Deadliest And Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The World’s 10 Deadliest And Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Despite being unfair, outdated and not having any basis in science, breed specific legislation (BSL) is still present across the globe, banning our favorite dog breeds based on their appearance. Most of all, according to a recent ASPCA article, experts agree that breed specific legislation doesn’t reduce dog bites nor does it enhance public safety! The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has issued a position statement claiming that not only is BSL ineffective, but it also leads to welfare issues of the banned breeds which, by the way, are often identified incorrectly. Whether they’re banned from military bases or towns, breed bans seem to do no good. Following is a list of just a few of the many Most Dangerous Dog,banned, restricted or blacklisted dog breeds who are often unjust victims of breed-specific legislation.The World’s 10 Deadliest And Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Need Your Help (and Some Love too)

 1- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds   “Pit Bulls”

most dangerous dog breeds
most dangerous dog breeds

You certainly expected them making the list, didn’t you? For sure, the word “pit bull” makes catchy newspaper headlines, problem is, those journalists reporting bite incidents, and the occasional mauling, often end up labeling any dog with a square-shaped head and a bulky body as a pit bull. They don’t know (or pretend not to) that there’s really no such thing as a breed exclusively known as “pit bull.” According to the United Kennel Club, there are only three dog breeds that generically fall under the pit bull category: the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT). This means that other dog breeds and even mutts are being mislabeled as pits, making pits appear as if they bite much more! Add to that the many myths and unfounded beliefs revolving around this breed and you have the perfect recipe for transforming Pete the pup into a monster.

2- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Rottweilers”

most dangerous dog breeds
most dangerous dog breeds

When it comes to these beautiful black n’ tan fellows, the world seems split in two. Those owning them claim them to be the best breed they ever had and then you have those who see them as vicious beasts, perhaps reminiscent after watching the famous movie “The Omen”—note though, how, in most cases, those making these claims never had the pleasure to actually own one! Of course, owning an animal that one day may weigh anywhere between 85 and 100 pounds or more is a big responsibility that in the wrong hands may be deleterious. Turns out though that as with other breeds, well-trained, well-socialized and well-exercised Rotties raised in a nurturing environment have the potential to make wonderful pets.


3- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Doberman Pincher”

doberman – dangerous dog breeds

This elegant dog blessed with a black and tan coat has been victim of breed bans and restrictions for many decades. You may have heard the old myth that as they age their brains become larger than their skull and they’ll turn on their owners. Sadly, some people still believe this is true. Dobermans are dogs, not some science-fiction creature ready to mutate in some sort of Gremlin. Like any other dogs, their brains stay nicely put where they were meant to be– and what great brains they have! These intelligent dogs in the right hands have great potential for making trustworthy, family dogs.


4- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Chow Chows”

chow chow
chow chow – dangerous dog breeds

These blue-tongued dogs look like teddy bears, but they’re banned in several cities and in military housing, why is that? Most likely, as other banned breeds, they’re either not raised the right way or they’re bred poorly by breeders who breed for looks with little care about testing temperaments. Fact is, this fellow isn’t a social butterfly and he’s quite territorial by nature; therefore the chow needs oodles of positive encounters during puppy hood, in that critical window of socialization generally taking place between 4 and 16 weeks. Despite his scowl, by standard this breed by nature should be discerning with strangers, but displays of shyness or aggression are unacceptable.

5- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Akita”

akita dangerous dog breeds

You may be surprised to find Hachiko on the banned list after faithfully waiting his beloved master at the Shibuya train station for nine years, nine months and fifteen days. As the chow chow, Akita are on the aloof side and protective guardians by nature, and as chows, they need extensive socialization to learn that not all strangers are a threat. Designated as a national monument in China, the Akita reserves his silly side only to those he loves and trusts. As with other banned breeds, in the right hands of an experienced owner, these dogs make great companions who love being part of the family and shouldn’t be relegated in the backyard alone.


6- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Shar Pei”

dangerous dog breeds
dangerous dog breeds

These dogs are born cuddly with loads of wrinkles and a hippopotamus face. It’s hard to believe that these chubby babies are on the blacklist of many insurance companies. As these dogs mature, they become standoffish with strangers and territorial, yet, their aloofness shouldn’t equal aggression. Conscientious breeders have worked hard in the past years in improving this breed’s temperament, and nowadays, in the right hands, a well-bred, well socialized shar pei should not be a source of problems.

7- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “German Shepherds”

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds "German Shepherds"
Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “German Shepherds”

Captain Max von Stephanitz dreamed of a dog capable of covering great distances and being protective of flocks, yet at the same time, loving children and being loyal to his owner. His dream came true when his extensive breeding program paid off and he developed the German shepherd. With versatility as his second name, this breed sure knew it all. From unrelenting herders they bloomed into police dogs, search and rescue dogs, seeing-eye dogs and much more. Their popularity skyrocketed at the end of the war, when soldiers took them along abroad. Rin-tin-tin and Strongheart did the rest. As with other breeds getting popular too fast, the mass production of puppies produced to satisfy demand resulted in poor temperaments and more medical problems than bargained for. Fortunately, dedicated breeders brought the breed back on track. It’s sad to think that this loyal and loveable breed is banned in some places. If poor Max von Stephanitz would know, he’d be rolling in his grave.

8- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Huky”

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds
Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Husky”

Many people fall in love with this Nordic breed blessed with glacial blue eyes, but more and more owners are noticing they they’re appearing more and more on the list of breeds banned by insurance companies or housing authorities. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because they’re large, and look like wolves? Or most likely because of their appealing looks they often end up owned by irresponsible people who have no business in owning dogs? What we know for sure is that by standard, viciousness or extreme shyness is means for disqualification in the show ring. As other dogs, this breed blossoms with the right amount of socialization, training and exercise. They are even known for making poor guardians, to the point of inviting the occasional thief to a night of movies and some popcorn!

9- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Alaskan Malamute”

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds "Alaskan Malamute"
Alaskan Malamute

Often confused with the Siberian husky, the Alaskan malamute is an appealing Nordic breed with a striking coat and wolf-like markings. You may stumble on the occasional specimen playing the part of a wolf in some movies, truth is, though these dogs are completely domesticated. While his sheer size might scare off some people, those who know him well know that these are playful dogs that are loyal and have an outgoing disposition. Like all dogs listed here, with the right owners, these dogs are pleasure to own. Aggression is not typical of this breed; indeed, according to breed standard, any signs of aggression towards humans is unacceptable.

10- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Great Danes”

Great Danes

Yes, they’re large, there’s no doubt about that, but for many goods reasons they’re also affectionately called “gentle giants.” Once upon a time, landlords may have jokingly asked you “do you have a saddle for that dog?” now instead they back off, too much liability with such a big dog. With so many blacklisted and banned dogs we have seen so far, it’s sadly no longer a surprise to see this beautiful breed banned from some housing places and blacklisted by insurance companies. Weighing up to 150 pounds, it seems that nobody cares if your great dane puppy is just pulling to go greet and lick a person to death.

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Sadly, the list of banned, restricted and/or blacklisted breeds nowadays tops over 70 breeds. If you happen to be an owner of any of these breeds, you can take some steps to fight BSL by learning more about the issue, becoming an ambassador for your breed and spreading knowledge– and if you don’t own any of these breeds, don’t relax; rather, consider that the list is always expanding, and your beloved dog may sadly end up on there as well.


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