Monday, November 18, 2019
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We would like to present you the list of the Top 10 Dog Breeds See which dog breeds fans selected as their favorites!

Choosing the Right Stud For Your Female

10 Best Dog Breeds For Protection

Since time immemorial, a dog’s main job has been to guard against unwanted persons and also protect its owner as well. Whereas every dog...
Rottweiler aggressive

Rottweiler aggressive on walks ? Here are 10 Helpful Tips

If your Rottweiler is the calmest dog ever at home, but then on walks he becomes aggressive and transforms into the canine personification of...
most dangerous dog breeds

The World’s 10 Deadliest And Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The World's 10 Deadliest And Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Despite being unfair, outdated and not having any basis in science, breed specific legislation (BSL) is...
Biting Nipping Behavior Can Kill Your Dog

You can’t miss this If you own a dog!!!!!

Do you own a dog? Or just love them? Do you want to connect with other dog owners in your area? Or around the world? Do...

10 of the worst animal attacks with surviving victims

we all know that some animals are  friendly creature but !!!  bears, sharks, and snakes … the world is actually full of dangerous animals...
Smartest Dogs

Top 10 Smartest Dogs In The World.

Have you recently brought a canine companion to your family and are eager to know how intelligent is he compared to others? Have a...
Lazy Dogs

Top 10 Lazy Dogs For Lazy Owners

Playing with a dog is a lot of fun, but it can be exhausting too. If you're looking for lazy dog breeds, this list...
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your or your kids Bed

Dogs Just like Babies

Dogs Just like Babies Written By : Nada Hassan Dogs aren't slaves, and their role is not to please their owners. They have needs just like...

Dog basic need

Dog basic need Written By : Nada Hassan Dogs aren't all the same. Each breed and individual within each breed are different, they have specific...

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make Daily

People who have pet dogs normally make a lot of mistakes with them. Here are 10 common dog owners mistakes that people commit daily...