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rottweiler pit mix

How Can You Take Care Of Your Rottweiler Pit Mix?

A rottweiler pit mix is a large dog and they could weight around 100 pounds. That means you need to be extra careful about...
Rottweiler Mix With Pitbull Pitweiler

Rottweiler Mix With Pitbull “Pitweiler” The Ultimate Watchdog

Rottweiler Mix With Pitbull "Pitweiler" Sometimes back, people used to describe cross-breed or hybrid dogs as mutts. However, in the current world, dogs are usually...

30 Human Foods Dogs Can And Can’t Eat

Anyone can go out and get a dog and bring him home. However, if you wish to properly care for your dog, you must...
Choosing the Right Stud For Your Female

10 Best Dog Breeds For Protection

Since time immemorial, a dog’s main job has been to guard against unwanted persons and also protect its owner as well. Whereas every dog...
Biting Nipping Behavior Can Kill Your Dog

You can’t miss this If you own a dog!!!!!

Do you own a dog? Or just love them? Do you want to connect with other dog owners in your area? Or around the world? Do...

Why dogs hate cats

Why dogs hate cats written by: Abbynduts13 Every society has its own myths. The bottom line is to try and understand the reasons behind how things...
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your or your kids Bed

Dogs Just like Babies

Dogs Just like Babies Written By : Nada Hassan Dogs aren't slaves, and their role is not to please their owners. They have needs just like...

Dog basic need

Dog basic need Written By : Nada Hassan Dogs aren't all the same. Each breed and individual within each breed are different, they have specific...

Dogs might poop in line with the Earth’s magnetic field

Dogs might poop in line with the Earth's magnetic field written by: elyson For a dog owner seeing a dog poop may not be surprising....

Why Does My Dog Spin Before Going Potty?

Why Does My Dog Spin Before Going Potty? written by: tigerrlily218 Are They Making Crop Circles? Almost all dogs make strange choices when it comes to potty...