Sunday, March 29, 2020
pogba rottie

Famous Footballer Pogba Gets A Rottie To Protect Himself After His Exit From ManU

When Pogba left Man United, the fans were astonished. They had never thought that their star player would leave the team in such a...
Amazing Rottweiler

The “Amazing Rottweiler kennel”. You Won’t Understand Until You Watch This

Only I tell them "Amazing Rottweiler kennel". They don't tell and think about it. Please don't misunderstand it. Rottweilers are hands down the best dogs...
the rottweiler

FunnyVideo For Lex “The rottweiler” chasing his tail

By nature, All dogs breed are playful and few dog breed occasionally chase their tails from time to time. It not a problem its...
Humans Kiss Their Dogs

Humans Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Partners, Study Finds

Dogs are neither double-dealing nor disloyal creatures. A dog would never stab you in the back. It would sacrifice its life for your protection....
veteran service dog

Disabled Veteran Denied Access To Hotel Because Of His Service Dog

Most of us love dogs and would like to make them our companions. However, even if we were financially capable of taking care of...
rottweiler skin graft

Saved By The Fish! The Graft That Saved A Rottweiler’s Life

Stella was just a one-year-old pup when she ran out of a house that was on fire. However, she was so badly burned that...
dogs service nation

Dog Breeds Who Have Provided Their Service To The Nation With Honor

Every soldier who has played a role in preserving the freedom and honor of their nation deserve our heartfelt gratitude. And dogs have been...
Hero Dog

Hero Dog Refuses To Leave His Sister After He Got Healed

Stories about human depravity surround us, we don’t have to go far to hear a terrible story of siblings killing each other or their...
Dog shelter

Dog can’t stop crying after realizing he’s been abandoned at the Dog shelter!

Yet Another Dog Abandoned at the Dog shelter Pets are one of the best things that happened to this world. They are loyal and they...