A man who had sex with his Rottweiler : A 31-year old Virginia man, Stephen Taylor, will spend 20 months behind bars after he was found guilty of bestiality. Henrico Circuit Court found Stephen guilty of having sex with an animal and which according to Virginia laws is liable to a prison sentence.

Judge James Stephen Yoffy sentenced Stephen Taylor to 20 years in prison on Wednesday although he will be allowed to leave for work. While delivering the ruling, Judge Yoffty said that acts of bestiality are absolutely appalling and that the culprit should be given the sentence he deserves. Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Despite the fact that the judge gave Stephen the luxury of leaving the prison during work hours to go and undertake his job duties, he is denied custody of any animal and prohibited from owning any pet. While receiving the sentence, Taylor said that he bitterly regrets his acts and admitted going on a wrong path.

In August, Taylor was convicted on two accounts of animal brutality which included a criminal charge and a misdemeanor charge. He later entered Alford plea which keeps him from lawfully admitting guilt but recognize the proof against him is overwhelming and is sufficient for a conviction. Nael Abouzaki who was the prosecuting Attorney found Taylor with 171 images of bestiality which helped proof the case. Ten of the images showed Taylor performing oral sex on a Rottweiler. This was sufficient evidence to proof his bestiality acts and convict him. At the time of his conviction, Taylor had eight rottweilers under his custody and confessed to the police that he performed oral sex with his rottweilers.per the Times-Dispatch.

Earlier, Taylor had denied the allegations claiming that the man in the photograph was not him and that the allegations against him are all lies. When he appeared before Yoffy on Wednesday, he changed his earlier stand and admitted to acts of bestiality which handed him 20 months in prison.

Taylor’s appalling acts came into light after the police conducted a search on his home after a warrant was issued against his roommate Craig Cox who was facing charges of allegedly raping a 9-year old boy in 2010. Attorney Abouzaki told the court that two of the animals were put down. Craig Cox was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into a child sex syndicate where he was later charged with having sexual intercourse with a child without consent. His charges went ahead to involve child rape and child sexual exploitation.WTVR reports.

In a sudden turn of events, Craig came clean and admitted to the police that he had knowledge of Taylor having sex with the dogs and that he
had witnessed it on a number of occasions. After subjecting the dogs to medical screening, it was found that one of the dogs in the property had an infection on its rectum and penis. Judge Yoffy told the defendant that he was speechless and that his acts were disgusting. He released Taylor on bond under the condition that he should not have conduct with any animal and advised him to undergo a psycho sexual evaluation.