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In the dog breed Category you can search our comprehensive list of over 380 breeds of dogs. Learn about all the important dog breed characteristics, including physical description, temperament, history, and potential health related issues. Check back frequently to see our updated featured dog breeds.

rottweiler puppy

watch The ICE DOG! You won’t believe what you’re watching

Dogs are the best  of all; i think many many peoples will agree with me . They surprise us with their amazing acts, they...

Review Of The Purina Second Nature Dog Litter Box System

Review Of The Purina Second Nature Dog Litter Box System I had previously raised two lhasa apso dogs who spent most of their lives living...
train your Rottweiler to talk

Train Your Rottweiler To Talk And Be Quiet At Your Command

Rottweilers are extremely loyal to their masters. You can easily train your Rottweiler to talk. Not only would it be fun for both you...

Are Rottweilers Heavy Shedders? Here’s What You Can Expect

In case you are planning on getting a Rottweiler as an addition to your family, there are a few things that you need to...