Top 9 most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World
written by: Writernator

The dog is one of the worlds most adored pet. However, certain breed are more appreciated and loved than others. This is because of the various trends that have moved like waves among pet owners and the general public. While a single dog may cost up to 1.5$ as is the case with a Tibetan mastiff auctioned in china, the list bellow comprehensively mentions the cumulative value of each breed as a whole. The value is in reference to what is the expected price tag for the breed in question.

No 9 Expensive Dog The Egyptian Pharaoh Hound


This is among one of the oldest dog breeds to be domesticated. Used while hunting, the Egyptians are thought to have domesticated the breed at around 3000 B.C. It is mainly of the tan color, but can range from red golden and chestnut. The breed is a good guard dog and is easy to train. The price tag of this breed ranges from 2500$ to 4000$.
No 8 Expensive Dog The Rottweiler 



This is one of the most adored guard dogs in the world. A descendant of an ancient roman cattle dog, the mainly black dog with a touch of tan on its eye brows and breast, is mainly muscular. The price tag linked with the Rottweiler ranges from 2000$ to 3000$.


No 7 Expensive Dog The Tibetan Mastiff



As mentioned earlier, it has been recorded that a dog of this breed once fetched 1.5$ million. However, looking at the general market, the price tag of the breed ranges from 5000$ to 9000$. This animal is very big for dog, characterized with a mane like fur around its neck.


No 6 Expensive Dog  The Chow chow



The average sized dog is distinctive because of its lion like mane. It is also known to have a blue like tongue to match its unlikely round face. The breed is thought to have been domesticated as early as 300 B.C. It is known to fetch an average of 2000$ to 3000$.
6.The Akita The breed was originally bred to be a guard dog but it is now mainly used as a fighting and hunting Dog. It is also a highly trainable breed, making its way into the uniformed forces. The breed is known to be loyal towards it owners but very aggressive towards strangers. It can fetch around 1500$ to 9000$.

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